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Yoga for Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences of a women's life and yoga has long been recognised, by doctors and midwives to be one of the most effective means of easing birth. By working and connecting the body, mind, and spirit, yoga can help a mother feel comfortable, relaxed and fit during pregnancy, support the health of her growing child and ease anxiety about delivery and labour pains.

Pregnancy yoga has many benefits. On a physical level it builds s
trength and flexibility in the back which helps ease the pressure on the spine caused by the weight of the growing baby. It builds strength and flexibility in the hips, legs and pelvis . Pregnancy yoga classes also help boost circulation and reduce fluid retention. The stretching postures relieve aches and pains.

The breathing exercises bring increased oxygen to the body and, therefore, the baby, and are very useful when in labour to help deal with the contractions.

At a time when a women may feel tired, nauseous and emotional a regular prenatal yoga practice can reduce stress and give you the energy to enjoy your pregnancy.

Yoga for Pregnancy assists women connect with their bodies and their growing babies. It helps them find internal balance and peace of mind and also the presence of mind to expect the unexpected and be fully present for the miracle of birth.

Yoga can help boost energy, relieve stress and anxiety, relax and promote restful sleep.



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