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About Jan:


I was introduced to yoga at a very young age by my mother, during the 1970’s , and my father’s interest in meditation was also passed on to me. I feel extremely fortunate to have had these influences, and it seems natural that I should now be teaching yoga, it is my life.


when I started teaching yoga to friends and family in 1998,and I knew I had found my true calling. Teaching yoga ignited a spark of joy within me. I went on to study yoga in several schools, and qualified as a Yoga teacher with The British Wheel of Yoga in 2005. I studied with Fay Beddowes at Arffya Yoga Teaching Training Centre in Hay on Wye, and after qualifying went on to become resident yoga teacher and assistant manager at the centre.


Yoga is a life practice, and each day I learn something more about myself and the world through my own personal practice and through teaching yoga. Yoga is a huge subject, and I have enormous pleasure in learning and broadening my knowledge through various training events, courses and retreats.

I have had the honour of learning from some of the most inspiring teachers , Studying with teachers such as Dr Ruth Gilmore, Doug Keller, Pete Blackaby, Gary Carter , Monica Voss , Uma Dinsmore Tuli, and more.

I have specialised training in Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health (from puberty, maternity, menopause and beyond), Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Yoga for Children, Yoga Philosophy and more recently Prana as Therapy. I have undergone extensive training in the various areas of yoga therapy with The Yoga Campus in London, and 

I completed Doug Kellers Therapeutics of Yoga training both in person and online


I underwent training for yoga for Healthy Lower backs, a course that was developed with the support of Arthritis UK.

I also qualified in teaching Yoga for Mental Health with the Satyananda school of Yoga and run both group and individual Yoga for mental health sessions

As my study of the connection between body and mind continued, I discovered Somatic Movement education. This much slower and enquiring approach to movement was another stage in my awakening, it was quite astonishing how deeply these kinds of gentle  movements affected my energy levels and resilience, I was hooked! I took the opportunity to learn more, and eventually trained as a Somatic movement educator.

I have a personal interest in Mental and Emotional Health and Well-Being, the majority of my Therapy work is focused on bringing harmony and balance to the mind and emotions. Much of the physical problems that are presented to me at my clinic are a result of some form of mental/emotional issue – such as back pain, IBS, migraines, chronic pain, fatigue, etc, which can be the result of stress or anxiety.

I firmly believe that the mind and body are inextricably linked. We should not separate the two, or look at individual symptoms without considering the person as a whole; as our lifestyle, history, environment, etc, all contribute to the disorders that manifest within the body and mind.

I have background in working with young people with mental health issues and behavioural problems in various educational and clinical settings. I have witnessed time and time again the benefits of yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques in overcoming deeply held emotional problems like low self esteem and confidence, anxiety, depression, Eating Disorders, self harm as well as poor concentration and anger issues.


I furthered my training/knowledge in yoga therapy for mental and emotional well-being, particularly in the field of eating disorders.

I became a volunteer with BEAT , the national eating disorders charity, in 2007. I started as a help line worker, and went on to facilitate support groups in Swansea. Eating disorders are very complex, ranging from anorexia and bulimia to compulsive over eating and other non-typical eating disorders. They are not just diets gone wrong, they are a manifestation of mental and emotional problems and can affect anyone, male or female, young or old.

I have received extensive training in understanding eating disorders, from Beat and other organisations that I have worked for.


In March 2011 I qualified as a Bowen Practitioner with ECBS, and undertook further training to use Bowen Technique for women during pregnancy, for Babies, and for new mothers. I am constantly amazed at the results that Bowen produces, I find the workings of the human body incredibly fascinating, and I will be dedicating a large part of my time furthering my understanding of Fascia, the Nervous system and their connection to the energetic workings of the body.


I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2007, and went on to study Emotional Freedom Therapy. I have witnessed life changing effects with these both techniques, most noticeably for problems such as fears, phobias, self confidence etc.

I run regular Hatha Yoga classes in the Neath and Swansea Valleys. The style of yoga that I teach encourages awareness of breath and body for complete health, awareness and well-being. When practised regularly, this mindfulness of ourselves permeates into our daily lives, we become more self aware, balanced, and able to make healthy decisions.


I also deliver one to one yoga as therapy and for personal development from my clinic, and also offer home visits around the areas of Neath, Swansea, South Powys and Carmarthenshire. I also offer specialist yoga classes for pregnancy, post natal, back care, and stress management.

Please take 20 minutes out of your day to learn how to be fully present and alive with yourself, make friends with your breath, and smile:

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