“A living body is not a fixed thing but a flowing event.

— Alan Watts


The term Somatics is derived from the Latin word soma, meaning "the living body." Somatics is an approach to experiencing the full intelligence of our body and the subtle conversation of our subconscious in order to access our potential and support a deep inner process of healing. From a Somatic perspective, healing is the processes of returning to our experience of wholeness.


Somatic movements are slow gentle movements that anyone can do, no matter your mobility or fitness levels. There is no right or wrong way of 'doing' the movements, instead the movements are led by simple suggestions to focus on a particular body part and 'see' or 'feel' how that part moves in a particular way. Noticing if there is smooth movement and comfort, or uneven jerky movement and discomfort, is a way of listening to the body and allowing it to release old, unhelpful movement patterns, that are often a result of held physical , mental or emotional stress. Eventually finding more ease and efficiency within the muscles and joints of one’s body, or bringing consciousness into one’s experience of their own body.



“Feeling comfortable in one’s skin and perfectly at home in one’s element is perhaps the most important dimension of happiness.

— Dr. Paul Wong



This felt sense of self, also known as Embodiment, leads to an experience of being comfortable in one’s own skin and therefore able to engage with life more fully.

Ultimately this facilitates:

  • self-awareness

  • boundaries

  • self-esteem

  • emotional regulation

  • empathy

  • enhanced cognitive processing

  • body related self confidence

  • a greater sense of self-control

  • enhanced intuition

  • and a feeling interconnected with others and the environment.


Our innate state of being is movement.


From the perspective of our cells in continuous regrowth and genesis, the motion of our emotions, the developmental cycles of our sense of self and relationships- we are in constant flux of evolution. As every part of us is in continual growth and change, wherever there is stagnation (lack of movement) there is greater potential for dis-ease; wherever there is movement there is opportunity for vibrancy and health



Somatics help us to step into and sustain a state of flow


“Feeling comfortable in one’s skin and perfectly at home in one’s element is perhaps the most important dimension of happiness.

— Dr. Paul Wong


Mind, Body, and Spirit are one, each individual is already whole, and addressing the obstructions getting in the way of that wholeness leads to well-being.


    On a therapeutic level, Somatic sessions can help:

  • Release habitual patterns

  • Enhance self-awareness and self-reflection

  • Address injury through bio-mechanical education

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Accesses and recognize subtle communication happening between the subconscious and conscious

  • Support the completion of unprocessed biological and psychological thoughts, feelings, and memories through the use of movement as a way of expressing inner experiences

  • Support spiritual inquiry as a felt sense of meaning and purpose

  • Release tension through various tissues and systems of the body to enhance physiological function




Hannah Somatics
Hanna Somatic Education® particularly helps relieve pain and disability associated with common health complaints such as: headaches, stiff or painful joints and muscles, fatigue, poor posture, breathing problems, impaired movement, accident trauma and whiplash effects, back pain, repetitive use/stress injuries.


Hannah Somatic movement education is a safe, gentle and common sense approach to reverse chronic pain. It is the only method of pain relief and sensory motor training that targets the condition of


Sensory Motor Amnesia is the condition of chronically-tight muscles that have learned to stay contracted due to repeated and reflexive response to stress such as accidents, injuries, surgeries, repetitive tasks, and on-going emotional stress. The resulting patterns of muscular contraction that develop result in such common conditions as chronic back pain, neck, shoulder and hip pain, limited mobility, joint pain, poor posture, shallow breathing, and uneven leg length.


My Somatic Training qualifications:

Somatic Education Movement coach – Align Somatics 2017

Somatic Movement Teacher Training -Radiant Star Yoga Training 2019


I hold one to one Somatic lessons, and also teach monthly workshops on a Sunday Morning.

Please get in touch for more information

Here is a short 'Soma Scan' practice. Lay down on your back on the floor, rest your eyes and take 2minutes to tune into your body's feeling awareness:

Supine soma scan
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