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What is Bowen Technique?


Bowen Technique was originally developed in the 1950s by Australian Tom Bowen who believed that the body has the ability to adjust, adapt and heal itself.


It's a totally holistic and extremely gentle, non-invasive therapy in which the therapist, using only thumbs and fingers, makes gentle rolling movements over muscles, ligaments and tendons at precise points.


The gentle moves of a Bowen treatment send impulses to the brain and stimulates energy flow, promoting the body's own self-healing resources to restore balance; facilitate lymphatic drainage of toxins and waste products; promote good circulation; release tension and increase mobility. By relaxing the patient physically, it also allows any emotional blocks to be released. 


During the session the patient is left to absorb the benefits of the therapy, making the subtle adjustments which will help it heal and rebalance.


Who chooses the Bowen Technique?


It's simplicity and effectiveness makes Bowen suitable for all ages including babies and the very elderly and it can be used throughout pregnancy.

Bowen technique can help address problems with:


          *Muscles, bones and joints         *Digestive Troubles          *Circulation         *Respiratory system  

                   *Sports related injuries            *Reproductive system             *Stress related illness

                          *Babies and Children (bed wetting, concentration, behaviour, etc.)                                                  

 ....Plus many more


It is particularly helpful with back and neck pain, Sacroiliac problems, frozen shoulder......  To read more on the research on the effectiveness of Bowen Technique please visit

Increasing numbers of health and sports professionals are turning to Bowen Technique to treat muscular, skeletal or nerve imbalance, injury, chronic conditions or acute or chronic pain. Athletes and dancers use Bowen Technique because it can increase flexibility and reduce muscle pain and fatigue.The Bowen Technique is being used at high level sports clubs in this country including Rugby and Premiership Football Clubs.